The Muscular Dominia - All 3 parts for FREE!!!

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by LH - a Photo-Comic with stills taken from one of the first great Mixed Wrestling video's to use a very muscular  main character(FFB Joanna McCartney in her prime post contest shape) and whimpy(obviously inferior) male foes/victims. Two actual stories: One of a slacker out-of-work guy taking a job as an assistant to a Dominant woman (JM) who caters to men who like to be painfully and physically dominated by a very strong-legged woman.  She has to whip(actually crush) him into shape, then he is assigned to film her session with a British diplomat  with a real thing for getting all touchy and feelie her mighty muscular calves - she nearly  takes his head off with them(said muscular calves)!  119 pgs  NOW FREE!!!


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