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by RMG(text by LH) - A new SF themed story. Kinda like Space castaway on an Amazon planet…Then a big amazon  strips off his clothes. What's that stone alter for…?  The big amazon has her way with her marooned spaceman then she just leaves him. A wam-bam thankyou mam or … ?  The torture never stops as all the women of the tribe start having a go with him.  Then the men of the tribe break it up, and he can see why the big babes had such interest in him, but it's time to run for yer life! A passing spaceship filled with Space Amazons picks him up, but the price for a return trip to Terra is gonna cost him - dearly! + BIG BOOBS BIG MUSCLE - Adult Betty & Veronica FBB types have a new Boy Toy to share!  All  ADULT action here. 56 pgs


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