THE AD + 3 More FMG Stories

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  by Annand & D.C. Matthews  + LoSarro, RMG & MS - Fem Body builder is ridiculed at the gym by a big girl and her buff boyfriend.  She answers an ad about experimental growth formula testing.  The growth injection is an amazing success, she revisits the gym and gets her revenge!  PLUS 3 more great  Muscle Growth stories. Trapped in an ancient catacomb with her father as murderous grave-robbers grow near, an ancient growth elixir is their only hope but it has some Egyptian cat goddess side-effects! On another desert dig, agent Arabella goes up against a big blonde German babe and they both take advantage of the benefits of that ancient brush once used in the cutting of Samson's hair!   Lee is an office problem solver with a duel personality, and you don't want to get on her bad side! 76 pgs of FMG Action!


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