TAHURAI Vol. 3 (2nd Half)

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by Elie Xyr - The final half of this third volume has the rebellion in late 19th century Tahiti getting started, and the Goddess Tahurai again invading Berthe & Emile's house at nite.  Easily taking out the local guards and then getting into a huge fight with the equally muscled Berthe, who was winning when a centipede bite her right between the eyes!  The rest of the nite she is blind and some strange bed-partners emerge for both Berthe & Emile!  Next day over 300 men-in-arms set out to find the elusive Tahurai in the jungle and bush covered hills, and they begin to be picked off one by one by very well hidden & trained local rebels! 49 pgs  (Two more volumes remain to be translated in this series (Over 250 pages!) and we would like some feedback on whether there is enough interest in taking this job on … hellerl001@hawaii.rr.com)

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