6 Stories by Allesandra!

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by Allesandra - Five complete color stories by one of the very few female artist who have worked in this field. "Fight Nite" has a fem-boxer going up against a rough gang-banger in a very dirty street fight. "It's Yer Birthday" has mistreated girlfriend getting a big, blonde dominatrix to knock & whip some sense into her Macho boy friend.  "Instant Gratification" has college boy hooking up with an online dominatrix and getting much more than that!  "Fan-Antics" a Fem body builder is harassed by religious idiots about her lack of dress.  They send private cops to club her and the resulting donnybrook leaves them all sorely sorry for messing with her.  "Girl's Night Out!"  two built office girls get all sexy for a all-nighter on the town & those they encounter will not soon forget them!  A working girl tries to go after the gang of toughs who put her brother in hospital she really trashes these so-called toughs, but a girlfriend of the lead thug wants a piece of her hid for beating up her boy friend, then two buff, female law officers get into the act!+ folio art too! 75 pgs  NEW ADDED STORY!


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