Stacy's Brutal Beatdown + TrailerTrashTriumphant + Aghata(MMA)

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by LH, Martin & Jorge - Stacy has some major hatred for the father of the boy she was beating up when she was younger.  Now she has him alone with her and plans to pull no punches! She really beats the crap out of this older guy, but he keeps passing out on her - which makes her even more mad at him! In Trailer Trash Triumphant a young woman has suffered a depressed childhood, but she has always tried to better herself - especially in the fighting skills department. When her alcoholic mother's new boyfriend tries to hit on her - he's the one who ends up getting HIT… Hard! We check in on her again when she is Older and even more skilled, Jenni really trashes her mom's latest hook-up and then decides to enslave him for her own use!   + AGHATA by Jorge - Great Mixed Martial Art's story . Slamming kicks and punches on a guy who can take it but doesn't want to dish it out - much to his pained resolve! 56 pgs  NEW LOWER PRICE!


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