School Girl CRUSH! (FMG)

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by Lenny & LoSarro - Little Lolita is so sad she couldn't make the wrestling team, but a caring teacher gives support before the summer break.  Next fall at school she returns to be a much bigger and stronger Lolita!  And the Wrestling Captain suffers for his past poor behavior!  Teacher tries to stop her but even he is totally outclassed by this young woman.  And her having a 'crush' on him is not helping matters at all!  As teacher tries to build up his own body at a gym, he finds his personal trainer is none other than the girl who was driving him crazy with lust!  He takes off for almost 3 years and then gets a call from the now fully grown-up Lolita!  His analyst tells him to face his fear and meet with her again … Bad idea!  39 pgs NEW EVEN LOWER PRICE!


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