Roxy Online!

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by LoSarro - Roxy(Everyone's favorite AC/DC female Body Builder) & her French girlfriend have to fight and chase off  little green flesh eaters.  Then Roxy's arch-villianess  Madam Marquis De Sade returns and is stirring up memories of when Roxy beat the crap out of the madam's submissive ex-hubby!  ROXY and her French lover have a night of passion before a big encounter with someone the countess has set up to fight Roxy.  From sexually charged dreams to the reality of paying the rent ROXY keeps making it interesting. Roxy and Allie start paying the rent in a much reversed method with their short landlord made to service their 'ends'. Then more "TailGating" and Roxy deals roughly with some bull-dyke women! 74 action-packed pgs PRICE DROP!


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