Penny's Virtual Adventure, Shipwrecked on Amazon Isle & Jungle-Jive + AMAZONS!

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by Losarro , HQadd, Zero Galvan, etc - Three great tales of awesome Amazon women in the virtual jungle & on legendary uncharted islands!   In Penny's VA, she discovers her jungle Queen character is very real after she kills a mad lion & has a fatal fight with her male companion in cyperspace!   Next a small sailor finds himself a captive on Amazon Isle who's inhabitants have been without men for far too long and have a strange ritual involving giant blonde twins at the bottom of a very deep & slimy pit! In Jungle-Jive a fine jungle lady takes on a lion and kills it right in front of a terrified 'great white hunter'.  When she wants to get her way with said hunter, another jungle gal shows up who has issues with her killing her protective property (said lion). Well, these two get into it big time in a real jungle 'cat'-fight with said hunter being the 'spoils'!  Plus nearly all our artist are featured doing pin-up poises of various Jungle Women and Amazons of old.  Many great Arena-based fight scenes too 122 pgs



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