PainStorm & Valkyries Battle + Bench & CoffeeHouse Fights

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 by Lee Burks & Allesandra(Colored by Joel) - Extreme fem versus fem fighting when a martial arts chick faces off with a female bodybuilder at the local health spa.  This is a fight for the underdogs and there is a lot of suffering portrayed. Female rivalries  and epic battles in two different settings.  The CoffeeHouse and the health club.  Fantastic female on female action!  Now W/ "Bench Fight" Added! "Valkyries & Amazons Battle" by Annand & Wreckshop (Color by Vince Rose) A contest between these fantastically made women features weapons & wrestling skills and the underdog Amazons are going to do better than expected… but in the ending celebration a real good time is had by all!  Also a nite-time robbery goes very bad for this buff Female burglar COMBINED TITLES SAVE YOU $$! 58 pgs



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