Original KYRA Comics

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by Robin Ator & LH - In the mid-1980's we published an independent comic about a muscular Jungle girl and her fight against an evil witch, hell-bent on whipping out her beloved jungle paradise.  There also some very interesting supporting characters like a robot toaster and a cyborg Japanese girl + Kyra's big pet tiger Madame.  These are all the issues we published in perfect un-circulated condition(5 issues of the comic + the graphic novel that collects the final 3 issues in booklet format - the full 8 issue run in NEAR MINT condition!) Back covers or each issue featured name Female Body Builder's posing as KYRA!  These are actual printed books, so they will have to be physically mailed to you(so give us a correct mailing address).  They will be carefully packaged and sent via Priority Mail(Domestic/USA) (flat rate of $7.35) or Global Priority(flat rate of $35.95) mail on overseas orders.  And while supplies last the only issue of our anthology comic "LAUNCH" #1 will also be included at no additional cost. Your last chance to get these rare collectible books directly from the publisher!


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