Mowi's Slave Stories: "At the Gym!"Pt 1.

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by LH & Martin - This newest chapter tells us how Mowi opened up a Men's Only Gym to accept her as it's first Female Member in the late-1980's and all the mixed reactions that garnered for her back then - especially when she was obviously stronger than everybody there already!  There is a peek at Zero Galvan's newest MAGNEETA vrs Dr. Who's Evil Dalek Robots + the Un-Texted originals by Martin for "Trailer Trash Triumphant!" w/ all those great hi-kicks and bloody punches landed on her much taller opponents seen at their best! Also: a Lost Gem by Lee Burks has comic's Archie experiences a Flexathon from all the fine ladies in his life! ENJOY! 47 pgs


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