Little Sister, Big Muscles!

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by Lenny & LoSarro - Another classic FMG story.  Little Wendy steals her skinny older brothers expensive Growth formula Shake and wakes up the next day a super buff and muscular young lady! Now much bigger and stronger than her bullying older brother.  Time for some sibling revenge!  She is now the Big Woman in the house!  She soon helps out the short neighbor twins with some of the formula to further teach her bossy brother a lesson! Big Brother finally gets his hands on the formula and hopes for revenge, but soon discovers he has ingested the shrinking formula that Wendy had bought to help her fit into her desk at school! Will this no-longer Big brother ever get back to his full normal size again? + more girls solve their problems as Wendy starts sharing the advantages of super muscle growth with her friends!  All four part together at last! 101 pgs NEW LOWER PRICE!


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