Joyce-the Vise of Vice in 4 complete stories!

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by LH, Lee Burks, LoSarro, Martin & FemXman - The second through the 4th stories in "Savage in the Gym" Joyce getting abandoned by her horny partner on a stake-out and then taking out a drug dealing goon in a dark alley.  She also gets to take out his boss in his gym besting him w/ the weights and on the mats.  In "Getting your Feet Wet" Joyce takes on an young ex-cheerleader  partner and almost loses her to a pushers pistol's bullet!  But you know Joyce's big legs will always extract a full confession! "SAVAGE PARTNER" -  Joyce sets up her police partner Rod who she has discovered to be a Cop-on-the-take! Working out furiously in the police gym Joyce prepares her majestic body and legendary legs for the battle. Rod, meanwhile thinks he's finally going to get it on with Joyce sexually. And he does in a way, but not at all in the way he thought! Joyce wrestles in the nude and Rod is forced to service her, before she really gets into some seriously squeezing of his hapless body, head & neck! "Embracing the Dark Side"  This gets lethal with some crushing scissors applied by this ex-policewoman working on trying to get back on the force and take out a guy from DC who has been trying to make an honest police department a dishonest & corrupt one again.101 pgs NEW ADDED STORIES!


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