Jamichia Knight & other Alllesandra stories

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by Allesandra & Scoundrel - Three tales illustrated by our most popular female artist.  Meet Jamichia Knight a hard-bodied sister who looks after the other girls in the hood.  Then "Sweet Street Squeeze!" where-in a leering voyeur gets caught & punished by a big athletic fem he was checking out.  Those long, husky legs look great, but hurt like hell when applying pressure to your trapped head or waist - OUCH!  "Star Safari" fines a female hunter our for big game on a Catch-Alive safari. Her genetically modified game puts up a good fight but she subdues him and soon has him ready for domestic subservience training.  + three great Scoundrel Stories, "Flexy Brown", "Guns & Ammo" & "Outta of this World!" Great Strength-Feat filled stories!  76 pgs NEW EVEN LOWER PRICE!


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