Jackie on the Beach! Night in the Gym + A Developing Trend

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by SteelBlazer, AOS & LH - FMG & Muscle Worship!.  Three musclebound dudes disrupt a couple's private beach party, but this beautiful red-head is carrying 'protection' pills in a big pink bottle…! A couple pills later - instant MUSCLED AMAZON! A throwing and lifting rumble of a fight. + "That Night in the Gym!" where a guy is totally out 'gunned' by this girl, and his ego takes a bruising, but he eventually is an adaptable and happy fellow. +  Super Developed Russian Immigrant and her schmoe lover partake in a bit of muscle-worshiping foreplay.  But her biceps just get too affectionate with this poor/lucky guy. Plus some great new artworks from AOS! 79 pgs


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