Her Crushing Thighs! + LoSarro Color Art!

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by LoSarro,  LH, AOS, Martin, Rembrantious +  various - a collection of over 80 images of built women (& girls) using their healthy legs to really put the screws to their trapped victims.  In other-words some more Killer Scissors holds by just about all our artist. Knocked-Out by brutally tight body scissors! And don't forget it is pretty easy to combine other torturing locks to these holds and these ladies love to go for the combo!  + LoSarro's Color Art Folio has been added. This artist could probably be called the Vargas of this genre.  His females are so erotically beautiful while doing such painful things to their victims, and they always seem to get to the root of any of their male victim's problems quickly! Keeping a painfully firm grip on it! He also draws some great Cat Fight action too! + some FMG pages.  Enjoy this Treasure Trove of dominating females! 108 pgs NOW COMBINED W/ LoSarro's Color Art! NEW LOWER PRICE!


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