Growing in Love & Her Cup Ran Over + Strength Feats!

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by Lee Burks, LH & Allesandra - 2 extra-sexy FMG tales. In "Growing In Love" a young female body builder(FBB) goes to a special female doctor to take experimental growth drugs, but this doctor(also a FBB) finds herself getting very turned on by her patient, and we mean very! "Her Cup…" tells of a wanna-be FBB who is sorely abused by the bigger girls at the gym, but then a chance encounter with a wine-guzzling witch-woman gives her a gift of instant growth and revenge on those bully girls, but her growing doesn't seem to want to stop and the police are called in when she starts tearing up the town! + More FMG & Strength Feats by Martin, Scoundrel, LoSarro & FemmeForteFan - Some older material featuring Spinach Muscle Growth and various feats of strength performed by muscular fems.  Short stories and pin-up/folio pages An FMG OverLoad for sure! 119 pgs  SAVE BIG!


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