Girls Can Whip Boy Scouts + 3 more

$ 4.00

by Stanton - From the 1970's these four rare mixed-fight stories are great examples of Stanton's response to personal request stories and ideas.  A sexy disgruntled lady camp councilor takes her revenge out on the scouts she is teaching self-defense to. Then an adventurous young Bohemian gets in a little too deep with a group of drug-taking mixed fight fans. Two women seek revenge  over a recent break-up by beating up and humiliating two pesky boys playing football in a local park.  Finally a very patriarchal deadbeat hubby gets physically straightened-out by his wife's very capable & successful sister! 60 pgs

*When these stories came out there was no internet.  They were advertised on small photo-copied lists sent out-physically-through the regular mails. You ordered them by regular mail as well, and received a B&W hard-copy of the stories you wanted.  This might be a method coming back if the internet continues to decline with these constant DDos attacks, or government (Loss of Net Neutrality) take-overs of service.  LH-ART still maintains a snail-mail list and does business in this old fashioned (but stable) method (They can still be in color and burned on a CD disk, or a printed version).  If you wish to be on this mailing list send your real mailing address either by e-mail ( or snail-mail to: LH-ART , P.O. Box 129, Lawai, HI 96765 USA*



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