GF is Better, Sandy's Last Sit, FBB Niece & Ruby Brown

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by LH, Bill Quick & Allesandra  -  These are our originals from the pre- digital 1980's!  Men discovering young women who are just way stronger then them and will have things their way, or else! Great scissors holds!+ All three Ruby Brown stories + a story that tied into the first tale involving a Bodybuilding young lady taking revenge on her uncle who use to be too busy with his hands in the past. Meet Ruby Brown a fine legged woman of color.  A white office boy goes bananas over her built body and gets himself in trouble with his peeping tom like ways.  They do lunch, and then that evening she does him!  Beating him half to death and totally enslaving him to her dominant ways. The statuesque black beauty returns as a very successful lobbyist in the nation's Capital.  Where she uses her own special methods of convincing these hi-powered politicians to see her point of view, and to FEEL IT TOO!  The incredible muscular persuasion of this woman is something to behold!  More killing scissors, some bondage and whippings going on here. 119 pgs  - NOW 6 COMBINED STORIES! YOU GET MORE FOR LESS COST!


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