FullMoon Pt. 1 + Ogenki Clinic

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by Elie Xyr & CST - The first chapter of the "Skinner's" series was actually titled "Different Jobs for Different Folks" and features the French couple of Maria & Martial when they first decided to switch jobs.  Muscular Maria has little problem doing Martial's Wood Cutting & Milling job, while Martial makes a total mess of their home & nearly kills their cow in the process!  In a very Adult interlude, Maria has some afternoon delights with the young man who usually brings Martial's lunch out to the wooded site. Then CST(Yes, the artist of Mighty She-Muscle series) does the translation of the Japanese Ogenki Clinic episode featuring a Body Building woman called Elsa the Savage.  This Dr. treats 'sexual frigidity' in ladies.  He has a very painful time with this woman to say the least! Plus CST does a preview of his Natasha redo! 57 pgs


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