Angela In Charge! Collection Pt. 2

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by LH & Martin - Includes these stories:  "Meet Heather!"Jason (Angela's Son) has his new girl friend over and tries to explain the interesting relationship his parents have.  Heather is more than into it! Heather soon gets to see Jason's Femdom site he set up for his mom and is excited to have her become the site's newest Dominant Female!  Heather has her rather rough way with Jason, but downstairs there is a surprise waiting for him…! In "Good Morning Little School Girl!", 19 yr. old Heather has more fun with her boyfriend's wimpy dad. Heather meets Angela's husband, Brian(who has never meet her before) dressed as a sexy school girl. She's even bigger and stronger than Angela, and Brian's chances of surviving all this are debatable…    "One Wacked Hack!" Jason has discovered an online Pirate/Hacker has stolen content from their website and Angela & Heather plot their revenge! Slave hubby Brian drives her and Heather to check out the hacker.  Heather confronts him dressed as a woman responding to his ad for wrestling models… The Hacker suffers extremely damaging scissor- holds that render him a more than docile slave. If a little scatterbrained…  Three long, complete stories.  105 pgs. SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICE!


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