Deadly Boudoir, Even Steven, Tropical Ice, DEBBY the Gymnast! + Island Girls!

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by Lee Burks  & Chopper Lang - Tale of a male peeping tom getting caught by Built Exotic Dancer and fatally punished!  Almost Even Mixed Wrestling! Dangerously beautiful Olympic speed skaters & her frightened (by her huge thighs)-yet excited- Physical Therapist. Also Classic Kandor Mixed Scissoring & domination story, now in Full Color (by Fasola)!  Debby deals w/ her boy friend's doubts about her athletic skills and strength in a very crushing fashion! Great HD edition! Don't forget "Island Girls"  by LH & Burks  Rendering these beautiful and Sexy Wahine's in a way to make you realize why they call these island's paradise … "Call some place paradise…kiss it goodbye!" (Don Hendley)  82 pgs


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