Buffy & Stubby + FMG!

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by Lenny, Bill Quick, Lee Burks, Ator, Boswell, Yatz, LH & Wreckshop + LoSarro - One of Lenny's Great Female Muscle Growth stories now in Full Color! Plus more FMG by these artist + some FemForteFan  Spinach-growth stories! Clothes are shredded as big muscles grow! Plus Three more classic Female Muscle Growth stories added! 1st-Body Puurfect! a strength & growth machine is making this little girl way bigger until her pet cat decides to join her.  2nd-the Equalizer! On Musclehead Beach this little gun can be very dangerous in a little lady's hands… 3rd-Super Cathy! Daddy won't let his little girl in his basement lab, but she goes one nite and takes a big swig on his "super growth formula" bottle…a new superheroine is born! 72 pgs


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