Bruce Learns a Lesson + Karla & Charrone

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by  Phil Miller & SMO - 3 stories, the first being an update of an older mixed-wrestling story that was illustrated by the great Phil Miller (an artist in the Woman's Wrestling Fetish scene back in the 1950's & 60's.  He also reported on Professional Women's Wrestling for the newstand mags back then.)  Bruce gets set-up by his friend to wrestle Alice who far out classes him in both size and strength.  She is also a bit of a sadist.  Original Miller art is used as well as new scenes added by LH.  Karla vrs the Gangleader is all by Miller picturing a rough mixed  street fight between rival gang leaders.  Charrone & the Young Thieves + one dirty photographer are two stories SMO (Sam Oldham)illusrtrated for early physique model Charrone Carpenter who use to sale photos & films of herself flexing and doing a strength act in the late 1970's.  Rare stuff here! 49 pgs NEW LOWER PRICE!


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