BloodSucker! + Too Much of a Good Thing!

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2 great FMG (FemaleMuscleGrowth) stories! BloodSucker is by Annand & Wreckshop. A night time visitor to a local gym has a thirst for more than just exercise!  She is a Vampire, and has a strange side reaction to the local musclehead's sterioded-out blood!  A great twist on the muscle growth theme with Super-Great ART!   Then Uncle Slez & Boswell's TooMuchofaGoodThing! - a growth/revenge story.  A nerdy male inventor of temporary muscle growth pills will try to get revenge on the big blonde who stole his secret from him with the help of his old girlfriend and a new improved version of his growth pills.  35 pgs. NEW LOWER PRICE!


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