Big Blonde Trouble, Wrestling Pick-Up , TOUGH LI'L STEP SISTER + Others

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by LH, Chopper Lang, SteelBlazer, Larson & Martin - Abused by her older step sister & brother, this little girl spends a couple years with her real mother (who happens to be a Navy Seal)and comes back to even the score with these two!  At school she learns her hated step brother has done some very nasty stuff and totally demolishes him in front of many watching students. Later, she makes his sister film his absolute submission to her! In Big Blonde Trouble  a guy always attracted to Fems he can't have.  Taller, stronger and oh-so sexy, and they keep putting him down-physically.  But he keeps trying! Wrestling Pick-Up has a wrestling Champ’s girlfriend out-doing him on the mat and then spanking  him and he's much bigger and stronger looking than she is! Big Lil's Strip shows us all her muscles hiding under baggy clothes! MammaZons They're big and busty and use men up like kleenex!  86 pgs



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