Basic Training, Gina, U-GRU-YA on Bridge, + Dark & Dangerous

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by ARM, Lee Burks, LH & Rasta Rand (Colors  Fasola) .  The first made into a video back in the late 90's featuring FBB champ ThResa Bostwick.  Macho Male Drill Sarge gets it good from this comely  fem private who basically enslaves the guy after totally trashing him in a physical contest that was basically no-contest at all.  Then meet Gina a female plumber that has no need of big heavy pipe wrenches when she uses her massively muscled legs to bend and fold thick metal pipes or crush the skinny necks of her annoying fellow male plumbers! "U-GRU-YA"  is a ‘what-if' Star Trek story involving some FMG(Female Muscle Growth) and a little bit of FEMDOM as this altered and enhanced communications officer dominates the capt. and then takes over the Bridge of this starship big-time!  Plus DARK & DANGEROUS! - Celina  a very tall and magnificently built woman of color.  She is pestered by a persistent insurance salesman to the point of sexual harassment.  But she decides to handle things her own way by kicking the man nearly senseless and then letting her incredible legs and full ass put him to sleep for awhile.  After getting into more comfortable clothing(or lack there-of), she continues his physical torture and humiliation taking each new scissors session to the point of his imminent death! 83 pgs


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