All Growth 4 & FemJocks 4 Stories

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by Kandor, LoSarro, Maxie, Allesandra & Elie Xyr - 4 stories about FMG & Female Muscle Domination that have never been digitized before. "The Legend of Kiki-Yonga" by LoSarro, A legend of a giant woman in the frozen heights of the Himalayas is TRUE! Two great Kandor Scissor-Dom stories: "Donna's Thigh Goodbye!" & "Power Tennis". D. Annand & Allesandra give us the classic "Breaking & Entry" where this powerfully made woman decides to be Judge & Jury + the Jailor to this out-classed thug who tried to rob from her! (If you don't know this already, the Artist Allesandra was and is a woman working in this field!). 75 pgs


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