All Girl Sex Duels! American Maid, etc.

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by Zero Galvan, Stanton, Corby, Jim Boswell & Glen & others - A classic Fighting folder scenario gets re-worked  and expanded by ZG!  2 indian girls(one actually a captured blonde settler who has become a member of the tribe) fight each other but eventually fall into lust for each other!  Also a brief interlude with HENGA's Amazon Queen Tonya as she deals very harshly with her new Amazon general! Then Stanton's  classic Catfight between two sexy icons of his era … Sophia L. & Jayne M. - great battle! Plus more rare color paperback cover art featuring girl fights. Great WW2 Fem-patriot takes on Hitler's Dominatrix mistress in a real slam-bam catfight!  Then a couple topless babes have at it on the beach and they do not like each another at all.  Finally, 2 classic fem-fights by the great Glen!  A maid takes on her mistress, and two girl friends fight over ownership of a bra. 76 pgs


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