ALICE IN MUSCLELAND! + Mr. G's Dream & Grinder, Etc.

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by Lenny & Allesandra(Color by Fasola)  The Classic fairy tale retold from a  Female  Muscle Growth angle - Funny!  After taking too much growth candy and destroying the built-bunny lady's house,  everything comes to a BIG finish at the Queens Body-Building Ball - is it "Off with her PECS!" or not??? Life on the other side of the posing mirror…Also by Rex & Byron Ray - Three rather strange GROWTH stories, plus one reporter getting way in over his head investigating a special house of ill repute! Demon girl transforms into a starving artist wildest muscle babe.  Mr. G keeps dreaming of the same girl always growing into a giantess in the most normal settings.  Then that old Got Milk commercial gets the FMG treatment! 76 pgs. Another FMG OverLoad!


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