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by RMG - Three complete stories: 1st "The Barrower" - Big Sexy gal stops by for a cup of sugar but soon gets much more out of her short, nervous neighbor! 2nd "VIcki" When his BIG babysitter moves away RC is sad as he really enjoyed her lifting him all the time with her big, long young legs.  But on his 18th birthday her gets a surprise - Vicki is back and even bigger and sexier than before! 3rd "The Skate Girl" this big blonde who has plenty of admirers in school but most are afraid to approach her. One little guy spies on her with his camera and witnesses her roughly squeezing out some young tough who pulled a knife on her.  When she notices him clicking away he gets invited to get the same squeezing treatment that turned him on so much to witness… 57 pgs NEW LOWER PRICE!


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