Angela in Charge Collection Part 1

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by Glockguy(1st story), LH & Martin - Includes These stories: "Angela In Charge!"Angela has spent many years mastering many forms of Martial arts.  She has finally gotten to the end of her patience w/ her dead-beat husband Brian and she takes him down very painfully.  She then hits the gym and puts on more muscle and strength to enslave him totally!  With her son they start up a paid Femdom website gaining a huge following…, "Angela In Charge Pt. 2"(Kickboxing Session) Angela is still in charge.  She is having a Martial Arts demo with her hampered husband/slave as her victim, err, I mean 'practice' partner.  She completely, and brutally, dominates him!  "Angela Online!" ANGELA and her enslaved hubby shows her online fans which wrestling holds they voted most to have her torture  Brian with!  "Brian's Last Tango!" has Angela getting back to her Brazilian roots with this sexy dance, but her much weakened hubby just can't keep up with her and that sets off Angela's mercurial temper which only adds to Brian's suffering!, "The Martial Arts Man! & A little Boxing"ANGELA is outside for a session of boxing with her Slave/Hubby Brian.  Problem is, she punches so hard that there video session is way too short.  Brian is KO'd in less that 3 minutes! Time to find some stronger opponents!  A tough-looking martial arts teacher hired to give her some competition, but will he…?  Brutal MMA action!  In "Halloween Fun!" ANGELA gets to dress up in different sexy costumes while she continues to put a big hurt on her submissive hubby - Check out her Bull-Whip welding BlackCat costume! Mee-OW! ,  7 stories in 134 pgs  SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICING!


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