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LH-ART has been publishing art and stories about Female Muscle and all the fetishes that have been grouped around it for over 30 years now.  First in print and now online (our own website www.lhart.com has been up continuously  1998 to 2019). Our SHopify Store is now where we publish/offer new content.  Remember, these are digital files (PDF's), not printed, physical books, so delivery is automatic (you don't even need to give us your full mailing address during check out! Just what is needed to process your card or satisfy PayPal. But we do need a WORKING E-MAIL address to send your download link to, so you can retrieve you PDF's.) You should have your purchases within minutes! SendOwl (the download site) sends you an e-mail (be sure to check your junk mail file if you don't see an e-mail from SendOwl in your inbox within a few minutes after you receive your order confirmation e-mail from the store) with a link for downloading the stories/artworks and you have 5 downloads available for each item ordered.  Contact us if you have any problems or questions (hellerl001@hawaii.rr.com), and  please let us know what you think (or write a review for the stories or artist you liked the most!) and what you'd like to see added!  To find our latest offerings (we're adding more every few days!) go to catalog and sort by "Date - New to Old".  And please sign up for are monthly Newsletter to get updates on new items and discount coupons you can use to save money or even get items for FREE!



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